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BBBG group was founded in 2004 and is composed of farms BMS, Sibelle Fleck and Boisvert Simmental. With the purchase of IPU 4G FRANCHESCA 98N, it was the start of the adventure BBBG. The purpose of this association was primarily to provide us with donor cows of high quality, thus improving our gene pool and provide our customers with the highest genetic level. Since that time several offspring with the tattoo BBBG have made their mark among commercial breeders and among purebred breeders

On this website, you will find many pictures and information about the cattle of each farm and on cattle that we have together. You also have access to more information about consignation in upcoming sale in the section "To sale" and "Latest news". Looking forward to meeting you!

Ferme BMS
Boisvert Simmental
Ferme Sibelle Fleck



Latest news

7 August 2019

Eastern Harvest Sale

Informations and pictures of the sale heifers now avalaible at the "to sale" page

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